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Venezuela rejects coercive mechanisms against free countries at the UN

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Carlos Faria, speaking on behalf of President Nicolás Maduro at the United Nations on Saturday, rejected coercive mechanisms against free nations and advocated dialogue to resolve conflicts.

“The people of the world should know that Venezuela is exposed to all attempts to destabilize its democracy,” Faria said in New York, reading a letter sent by Nicolás Maduro on the occasion of the celebration of the 77th United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

Carlos Faria. (Photo internet reproduction)
Carlos Faria. (Photo internet reproduction)

The letter went on to say that imperialism at the political level has failed to use the “regime change method, promoted assassination attempts and invasion attempts, created seditious movements against the Constitution, and even invented a parallel government.”

Venezuela called on the assembly to listen to “reason, common sense and prudence,” respect people’s rights, and end sanctions against Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran, and Russia.

As an oil power, the South American nation has offered to help find global solutions with its energy and agricultural potential.

“Venezuela, as an OPEC member, can and will be useful in this energy emergency that has been dragging on for a decade, profoundly affecting the price and supply system and affecting both the poorest and richest countries,” he said.

He also called for continuing down the path of “political dialogue rather than military confrontation” and reiterated his willingness to mediate in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


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