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Mexico: Supreme Court strikes a blow to AMLO and invalidates his controversial electoral plan B

Arguing serious flaws in the legislative process, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), the highest body of justice in Mexico, invalidated in its entirety the first electoral reform of the so-called ‘Plan B’ of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

With nine votes in favor, the ministers of the Court endorsed the project that proposed the invalidity of the first electoral reform proposed by the current Mexican Government.

According to what was voted this May 8 by the full Court, the deliberative process was affected by “serious flaws.”

Mexico, Mexico: Supreme Court strikes a blow to AMLO and invalidates his controversial electoral plan B
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Photo internet reproduction)

Only Ministers Loretta Ortiz Ahlf and Yasmín Esquivel Mossa voted against the annulment project of the eleven plenary members.

The Mexican ministers ruled that there was a violation of Articles 71 and 72 of the Mexican Constitution because the initiative was not published with due anticipation for its legislative discussion; that is to say, it was not made known in time among the parliamentarians.

The Mexican president’s Plan B proposes amendments to the Organic Law of the Judiciary, the General Law of Institutions and Electoral Procedures, and the General Law of Political Parties.

The proposal contemplates three main axes: the exercise of political-electoral rights, including guaranteeing the vote to vulnerable populations and the regulation of gender parity quotas; changes to the National Electoral System, including modifications to the election calendar; and in matters of electoral justice.

Among the concrete proposals is the possibility that legislators seeking re-election must separate from their posts.

In addition, it guarantees the vote to people in preventive prisons and people with disabilities in a state of prostration.

The reforms proposed the elimination of specialized personnel in electoral matters and the early removal of the executive secretary of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Edmundo Jacobo, and the elimination of the General Executive Board, an area that determined the management of resources.

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