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Argentina presents a four-axis plan to get Mercosur out of its crisis

The government of Alberto Fernández designed a roadmap to move forward with regional trade and boost production chains. The strategy to confront Uruguay and its unilateral free trade plans.

When the Argentine President, Alberto Fernández, arrives in Montevideo (Uruguay) this Tuesday to join the summit of Mercosur leaders, he will carry under his arm a folder with the road map of what Argentina will prepare to execute in the next six months of pro tempore presidency of the bloc: that is, the need to leave behind the crisis unleashed with Uruguay, promote the bloc’s international trade and establish the development of a program aimed at prioritizing a “competitive integration of productive networks” in regional chains.

The strategy of advancing a coordinated diplomatic action by Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay these days to summon Uruguay with eventual sanctions for advancing with its unilateral trade negotiations was not accidental.

, Argentina presents a four-axis plan to get Mercosur out of its crisis
Argentine President Alberto Fernández (Photo internet reproduction)

Those close to Alberto Fernández confirmed to El Cronista that the government’s idea was to advance this plan in order to leave the setback behind and avoid a greater conflict at the summit of presidents of the bloc tomorrow.

It is probable that at the Montevideo summit the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, will publicly complain about the threat from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to sanction him for advancing in unilateral agreements with China and other countries. But Alberto Fernández will try to prevent that from being the central axis of the summit.

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