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The second exodus of Ecuadorians

Ecuador is facing a second exodus of its population.

The first one happened during the late 1990s and early 2000s economic crisis.

Due to unresolved problems, the country is experiencing another escalation of migration.

unemployment, The second exodus of Ecuadorians
The dissolution of the Assembly and the call for early presidential elections do not give hope nor prevent the increasing desire to leave the country (Photo internet reproduction)

The population, especially from the middle and lower economic classes, is fleeing their homeland.

At least four factors play a role in this decision: poverty, unemployment, increased organized crime, and growing fear of extortion and criminality.

The dissolution of the Assembly and the call for early presidential elections do not give hope nor prevent the increasing desire to leave the country.

Even with an average of 15% of migrants arriving in the US yearly only to be detained and deported, the “American dream” quest does not abate.

Regardless of the dangers and restrictions of President Joe Biden’s administration, Ecuadorians love the US so much that even Americans themselves don’t understand.

The migration wave began after the pandemic and continues to this day.

Immigration and emigration from Ecuador recorded by the Department of the Interior show a negative balance.

Between 2021 and 2022, the number of departures exceeded the number of arrivals by 195,427.

This trend continues in the first four months of 2023, with 48,049 people leaving the country and not returning.

One of the countries to which most Ecuadorians travel and from which they depart for North America is Nicaragua.

Between January and April 2023, 11,394 nationals traveled there, and only 268 returned from there.

This route, in turn, is one of the reasons why the demand for passports keeps the Registry Office at capacity.

As of April, the office has issued 239,154 documents.

Last Monday’s docket was full through July.

Aside from efforts to curb migration, it must be said that the solutions given are not the best.

Internally, Ecuadorians feel abandoned by the state, which does not guarantee minimum security or welfare.

The candidate who wins the next elections will find a country in crisis, apart from his personal and group claims.

On the other hand, deterring migration to the United States does not work either.

The 2022 Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection discusses perfecting a coordinated emergency response among the 21 participating countries to prevent migration before it begins.

It also calls for promoting alternative and legal migration channels.

Action by both sides will be critical in the coming months as they deal with populations whose primary goal is survival.

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