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Lasso signs a Communication Law to recover freedom of press in Ecuador

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, has signed this Friday the final text of the Communication Law with which he puts an end to the previous regulation, nicknamed ‘Gag Law’, with which he hopes to recover freedom of the press so that the media can “unmask the narco-politicians” operating in the country and from abroad, without receiving threats.

“We do not want a society in which the media operate under threats. We do not want a society where content is influenced or controlled by politicians, much less by narco-politicians. We want a society free to think and express itself”, he assured in an event held in the port city of Guayaquil, according to the newspaper ‘El Telégrafo’.

Guillermo Lasso. (Photo internet reproduction)
Guillermo Lasso. (Photo internet reproduction)

Lasso has pointed out that the regulatory text puts an end to the control and prior censorship bodies of the code approved in June 2013, during the government of Rafael Correa.

For this reason, he has pointed out the opponents of this reform for “pretending to destabilize Ecuador” and not showing solidarity with the attacks the Police and the military suffered from organized crime gangs.

“The growth of drug trafficking has been proportional to the human baseness of some leaders. Today we live the consequences of that perverse relationship,” he said Friday, after assuring that this law is vital “to build the peace that Ecuador needs.”

“Today, on one side of the political map are identified those who seek to favor crime, organized gangs, and drug trafficking. On the other side are those who are in favor of democracy, in favor of the people, in favor of freedom,” he said.

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