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Petro’s disapproval rating doubles in just two months in office

Approval of the government of leftist Colombian President Gustavo Petro fell 10 percentage points (to 46%), while disapproval doubled to 40%, an Invamer poll showed Wednesday.

In an initial poll conducted by the same company in late August, Petro received 56 percent approval and 20 percent disapproval.

Gustavo Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)
Gustavo Petro. (Photo internet reproduction)

Sixty-four percent of respondents said the country’s situation was worsening, compared to 48 percent in the previous poll, while 22 percent said it was improving, 11 percentage points lower than in the previous poll.

For respondents, the main problems in the South American country of 50 million people are unemployment, the economy, corruption and lack of security.


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