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Colombian authorities rescue 22 tourists after their boat sank

Colombian Navy units rescued 22 tourists in distress after the boat they were traveling in sank 10 miles offshore in the Playa Blanca area of Cartagena (north).

Coast Guard sailors on maritime patrol in the island area brought the tourists to safety in a Coast Guard unit, where they received first aid.

At the same time, the maritime authorities contacted the Cartagena Port Authority to report the situation and conduct investigations to determine the causes of the accident.

Colombian navy. (Photo internet reproduction)
Colombian navy. (Photo internet reproduction)

“Those rescued were immediately taken to a safe port in Cartagena, while the appropriate arrangements were made for their care and medical review at a health facility in the city,” the Colombian Navy said in a statement.

It also reported that 230 people had been rescued in the Colombian Caribbean so far in 2022 who were in distress in the waters of this region in the north of the country.

“The Colombian Navy will continue to ensure the safety and protection of human life at sea and urges seafarers to comply with regulations and safety measures at sea and to report any emergency by calling toll-free number 146 or via VHF marine channel 16,” it concluded.

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