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U.S. congressman denounced that “Argentina has just joined the Chinese Communist Party”

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After President Alberto Fernández made an international tour that had him most of his days in China, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida spoke about the incorporation of Argentina to the Silk Road, calling it an affiliation of the country with the Communist Party of the eastern country.

With the idea of carrying out a multilateral policy and not being “nobody’s satellite”, as announced during the tour of Russia, China, and Barbados by his entourage, the Argentine President met with Xi Jinping and closed the incorporation of the country to the Silk Road, a project in which 140 states participate and which seeks to stimulate the world flow of trade and investments that would give Argentina US$23.7 billion.

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This was the opinion of the representative of Florida and ally of Donald Trump, questioning the strategy being carried out by Joe Biden in Eastern Europe in the face of the conflict with Russia over Ukraine. However, in these latitudes, what he said about Argentina and its qualification as a “threat” to the integration of the Chinese project was more impressive.

U.S. Congressman representative of Florida and loyal ally of Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz (Photo internet reproduction)

“While the Biden administration, the media, and many members of Congress are beating the drums of war over Ukraine, there is a much more significant threat to our nation that is rapidly accelerating close to home, in Argentina,” Gaetz said.

In addition to defining the country as critical from its economy and its place as a nation, he discussed the expansion of the Chinese plan and the current Russian situation. “Argentina has just joined the Chinese Communist Party by signing the One Belt, One Road initiative,” he said about joining the Silk Road.

He later argued that the cost to Xi’s government “was US$23.7 billion, a mere fraction compared to the trillion dollars the United States has spent to build democracies of sand and blood in the Middle East.”

For the Republican, the China-Argentina deal is a security issue for the United States. “China’s purchase of influence and infrastructure in Argentina in order to collaborate on space and nuclear power is a direct challenge to the Monroe Doctrine, and far more significant to U.S. security than our latest flirtation with NATO on the plains of Eastern Europe,” he questioned.

Finally, he called for sharpening the focus as “China is a rising power” and “Russia is a declining power.”


Alarmed by projects seeking to boost China and Russia in Latin America, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Bob Menendez called for increased security cooperation with the region to counter the “destabilizing” influence of both countries in a bill.

Currently, there are 13 Latin American countries on the Silk Road alone that are part of the Silk Road. Both senators asked the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to present a plan to increase defense in Latin American countries.

In the text, they argue that “totalitarian regimes in Latin America and the activities of China and Russia in the region pose a risk to the national security of the United States” and call for “activities to counter the malign influence of state actors and transnational criminal organizations”.

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