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Turkey’s Istanbul risks running out of water

Istanbul, a city larger than São Paulo, risks running out of water.

The water level in Turkey’s largest city reservoirs is below 30%, raising water cut concerns, says ISKI, a public utility.

The current 29.2% capacity is the lowest since 2014. ISKI, urging reduced consumption, has warned of potential cuts for weeks.

ISKI stopped water to 15,000 garden and landscape irrigation subscribers due to a monthly rise in average expenditure from 100,000 to 800,000 cubic meters.

“To avoid leaving 16 million Istanbul residents without water, we temporarily interrupted garden and landscape water distribution,” the public utility said.

Istanbul risks running out of water, Turkey’s Istanbul risks running out of water
Istanbul risks running out of water – Omerli Dam. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Eight of ten reservoirs supplying Istanbul’s drinking water are at 20% capacity.

Experts say reserves will last under two months, necessitating severe cuts without significant rainfall soon.

According to the Ministry of Environment, Istanbul received 20% less rainfall than the two-decade average from last October to June.

Also, since mid-July, high temperatures have quickened the evaporation of dammed reserves.

Istanbul gets its water from several places north of the city.

The Omerli Dam, Durusu Lake (or Terkos Lake), Sazlidere Dam, Buyukcekmece Lake, and Isakoy Dam are important sources.

These are part of a bigger system that makes sure there is always enough water for Istanbul.

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, has over 15 million people and spans 5,461 square kilometers.

As Turkey’s financial and commercial hub, it significantly impacts the country’s economy.  Its strategic location makes it vital for international trade and relations.

It hosts Borsa Istanbul, Turkey’s main stock exchange, and many multinational companies’ regional headquarters.

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