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Israel Flies Drone Taxi Over Jerusalem to Tackle Traffic

Israel conducted a drone taxi test in Jerusalem, launching the Chinese-made craft from Hadassah Hospital’s helipad to explore solutions for traffic congestion.

No one was aboard during this short test run. The electric vehicle can carry two passengers and cover 35 kilometers.

Daniella Partem from Israel’s Innovation Authority talked about the future uses. “This drone could move people from place to place,” she said.

Israel has a history of pioneering drone tech, initially for military uses.

Since 2019, the focus has shifted to civilian drones, especially air taxis. These drones aim to ease chronic traffic jams.

Israel Flies Drone Taxi Over Jerusalem to Tackle Traffic. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Israel Flies Drone Taxi Over Jerusalem to Tackle Traffic. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Israel has conducted over 20,000 tests with unmanned vehicles. The nation also aims to invest around $16 million in civilian drone tech.

Partem stated that multiple companies could operate drones in the same airspace. This would help with medical needs and food delivery.

The accident rate in these tests is very low. “Less than one accident per 2,000 flights,” she noted.

Libby Bahat, a senior aviation official, said safety is a big concern. He also said the drone service would likely be pricey.

“It might even be used for delivering expensive items like a $5 sushi plate,” he added. France and other nations are also looking into drone taxis.


Drones have come a long way since their military origin. Many countries are exploring how to use them in daily life.

Israel, a pioneer in drone tech, has shifted its focus to civilian uses. The shift began in 2019, aligning with global trends toward smart cities.

In the past, Israel mainly used drones for monitoring borders and conflict zones. With this new experiment, Israel is taking a leap in public transportation.

This aligns well with their National Drone Initiative started in 2019. The initiative was a game changer, signaling a broader vision for drones.

This experiment is also part of a global race. Countries like France are testing drone taxis for future events like the 2024 Olympics.

In the U.S., companies like Uber are working on their versions of flying cars. The aim is to make commuting faster and more efficient.

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