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Brazil: writer Paulo Coelho regrets supporting Lula

Writer Paulo Coelho regrets his support for then-candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the 2022 presidential elections.

He assumed his mistake this Sunday (26) in a post on Twitter.

“Decades supporting Lula, I notice that his new term is pathetic,” the writer noted.

, Brazil: writer Paulo Coelho regrets supporting Lula
Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho (Photo internet reproduction)

“Falling for disqualified ex-judge, inability to solve Central Bank problem. I shouldn’t have committed myself to the campaign. I lost readers (that’s part of it), but I can’t see my vote being worth it.”

Coelho was one of Lula’s prominent supporters in the presidential campaign.

“With less than two weeks to go before the Brazilian elections, I’m going to tweet in Portuguese because I need to add my grain of sand to remove the current president from power,” the writer said on October 21 last year.

Hours later, Coelho returned to social media to attack former judge Sergio Moro (União-PR), then a candidate for the Senate, and Rosângela Moro (União-SP), then a candidate for the Chamber.

“The ‘Marreco’ couple should eat a pasty now,” he stated.

“There is no sentence condemning the future president.”

The writer also warned Lula during the election campaign.

The Brazilian presidential candidate had suffered a drop in voting intentions after making unfortunate statements.

“If Lula continues with this verbal incontinence, and if he does not invest in social communities intelligently and professionally, he will allow the current tenant of the Planalto to have a serious chance of reelection,” he wrote.

Coelho withdrew his support for the president less than three months into his term.

With information from Revista Oeste

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