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Serbia’s farmers are also on the streets: rallies against high prices

Farmers in Serbia are increasingly angry about the rising cost of fuel and other essential goods. This has prompted them to stage protests and issue an ultimatum to the government, failing which they would intensify their actions.

Farmers from the “Association of Initiatives for the Survival of Serbian Farmers” organized protests against rising fuel and fertilizer prices in several places. These are increasingly a problem for farmers, especially since most earn only a modest income anyway.

In Novi Sad – Vojvodina, protesters blocked roads leading to government offices with the message, “If you don’t meet our demands, we’ll blockade the whole country!”

According to a Gript report, farmers are also dissatisfied with the government’s environmental policies, in addition to the low purchase price for sunflower seeds and the extension of the oil export ban.

“The first demand is the abolition of all bans on the export of grains and oilseeds and the establishment of the minimum price for wheat, which we have already enforced and handed over,” says Martin Đuricak, a farmer from Padina, a village in Serbia. “The second demand is the abolition of the excise price for oil,” Đuricak continues.

For example, farmers are demanding a price of 700 euros (US$700) per ton of sunflower seeds, while the government is offering only 535 euros as a purchase price.

Farmers also demanded a tax exemption for up to 100 liters of fuel per hectare of land, but the government offered a 20 dinar (0.17 euro) lower price for fuel for up to 60 hectares. However, the government agreed to lift the ban on exporting cooking oil.

In any case, protest actions by farmers seem to be increasingly spreading to more and more countries after the Dutch started demonstrating against the disastrous climate policies of their WEF-affiliated government a few weeks ago.

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