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Opinion: Democrats, fearful of likely conservative landslide in U.S. midterms, say “democracy is at stake”

By Carlos Esteban*

(Opinion) Democracy is at stake. That’s the alarmist message Democrats, fearful of losing power in key chambers and states in the upcoming midterm elections on Nov.8, are banking on, and with them, the mainstream media that act as their propaganda arm.

The logic: they have little to show the American public after two years of a Biden administration mired in a severe energy crisis, an alarming invasion of the southern border by several million illegal immigrants, a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, and runaway inflation.

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Everything is getting worse, and so is their campaign slogan, which conveys the idea that it’s either them or chaos and if the Republicans win, democracy is dead.

Democrats, fearful of likely conservative landslide in U.S. midterms, say "democracy is at stake". (Photo internet reproduction)
Democrats, fearful of likely conservative landslide in U.S. midterms, say “democracy is at stake”. (Photo internet reproduction)

Obama, of course, is playing the lead role in the Democrats’ campaign.

In his last speech, he warned them forcefully that alarmist attacks on political rivals could have disastrous consequences.

“One thing that is clear is the growing habit of demonizing political opponents, of shouting and thinking that not only do you disagree but that the other guy is evil and wrong,” Obama said in a public address.

“That creates a dangerous climate. And the more politicians and elected officials spread fear-mongering rhetoric or ignore this danger, the more people will come to harm.”

Obama did not mention his former vice president, current White House resident Joe Biden, but the description seems to fit the issue like a glove.

Biden gave a speech at Union Station in which he repeated some of his attacks from his Sept. 1 speech at Independence Hall, in which he called Republicans extremist and dangerous to democracy.

He even blamed the “aggressive climate” MAGA created by Republicans for the attack by a mentally deranged homeless man on House Speaker Paul Pelosi’s husband in his own home.

But this is nothing new from the senile President.

He is merely reversing statements he made in September when Biden said that “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” and that a Republican Party that supports Donald Trump is “a threat to this country.”

Nothing quite as Democratic as a one-party rule, right?

So Joe said again that what’s at stake for Americans in this election is “democracy,” not the victory or defeat of any particular candidate.

And his all-powerful chief of staff, Ron Klain, takes the liberty of explicitly threatening on television anyone who dares to vote “wrong” on Tuesday.

“The president thought it was important to issue a final warning a few days ago and make it very clear, so there’s no doubt, that there are people out there who continue to spread the big lie, people who are now raising the issue of voter fraud in this campaign.”

Warning? To the electorate?

Fox star Tucker Carlson, America’s most-watched TV personality, has given an interpretation of this scare tactic by Democrats that Obama himself condemns: A rejection of Joe Biden’s party is, in his view, the end of the system itself, and they believe it.

They mean it.

That’s why the Biden administration has spent the last two years destroying the essential prerequisites of American democracy, free speech, and the rule of law.

That’s why they’ve silenced recalcitrant journalists.

It’s why they lock up their political rivals.

It’s why FBI agents with automatic rifles have dragged Christians from their homes for praying outside abortion clinics.”

* Carlos Esteban, 58 years old, fifteen years at the leading economic daily EXPANSIÓN, then part of the Recoletos Group, the last three years as head of Interactive Services on the newspaper’s website. Then in Intereconomía, where I founded the Catholic weekly ALBA, I wrote the opinion in ÉPOCA, where I also covered the International section, for which I was responsible when La Gaceta was born (as a generalist newspaper). For the last few years, I have worked freelance, collaborating with different media.

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