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Meet Yuval Noah Harari, the prophet of the world’s ruling class – what he thinks and what he believes is coming

He is gay, Jewish, a bestselling author, a leading transhumanist, and one of the most influential advisors to the World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab. It’s not clear when he began using his middle name, Noah.

If he used it at all in the early years, it was only the initial N.

Indeed, it added a weighty, apocalyptic tone as the Israeli history professor progressed from niche topics like medieval warfare and the ritual power of “Kabbalah” to become the public intellectual face of ‘The Great Reset’.

Why should you care? — because Harari sails as close as the public is allowed to think of those who are charting the world’s future.

Waves of crisis overwhelm us. Is it the climate, carbon, competition for resources, the sudden threat of plague, or the need to vaccinate everyone against everything despite natural immunity having girded humans for millions of years?

Do we have to stop using oil and gas right now, how much of the food crisis is man-made, and is the population really at the bursting point?

Do these risks necessitate the surrender of liberty, freedom of association, movement and speech, independence of thought and action, and the primacy of conscience?

Harari’s retort is that we never had any of the above: they were chemicals or illusions.

Perhaps you don’t blame the powerful for anything.

  • Not for Covid,
  • Not for the lockdowns,
  • Not for vaccine adverse effects,
  • Not for the impending insolvency of Medicare and Social Security,
  • Not for the dislocation of supply chains,
  • Not for the planned obsolescence and pollution,
  • Not for overestimating Green energy’s capacity and calling it too soon,
  • Not for agricultural policy and food shortages, or
  • Not for the money printing that has made the rich richer and unleashed inflation upon the rest of us, all of which long predated the Ukraine war.

Even if you insist these disruptions are a coincidence, you must note that from the start, politicians declared Covid a “historic opportunity” to Build Back Better — along with the other “cascading crises of our era,” as president Joe Biden put it in his inaugural address.

We can already see winners and losers — and perhaps a plan. Harari has inherited the task of justifying why some win and others lose.

If a ‘Great Narrativ’ is needed to justify the tumultuous change afoot — the WEF held a conference of that name in Nov 2021 — it is better sold to the public by a bold guy such as Harari.

Matronly health ministers have already told us there will be no return to normal. Prime ministers and presidents rap out the phrase “a new normal,” a nebulous formula made not-much clearer in The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF), to which Harari is a top adviser.

The great conversation-stopper is, “they wouldn’t do that.” Harari tells us why “they” just might.


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