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Here is what Chinese citizens comment on the results of the Donbas referendums

Is China far away for you but do you sometimes wonder what ordinary Chinese think about this and that and the Donbas referendum?

Do they think very differently from us?

On September 27, the referendum on joining Russia officially ended.

According to the results of the vote count, the absolute majority of voters in Donbas, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson voted for joining Russia, Chinese Guancha reports.

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Readers of the Guancha portal congratulated them on their release.

Shanghai street scene. (Photo internet reproduction)
Shanghai street scene. (Photo internet reproduction)

According to the vote count results, published by the local election commission on the same day, 99.23% of voters supported joining the Russian Federation in Donetsk, 98.42% in Lugansk, 93.11% in Zaporizhia, and 87.05% in Kherson.

In addition, according to the election commission, the turnout in the four regions where the referendum was held exceeded the threshold of 50% established by law, so the vote can be considered valid.

Chinese readers commented:

Still, the United States and Russia win, and Ukraine and the EU lose. When the gods fight, chickens and dogs suffer.

If Zelensky again attacks Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson, Putin will have grounds to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, railways, and bridges.

Without infrastructure, ordinary people will not be able to survive the winter, they will be forced to flee, especially residents of large cities.

Although Western Europe has a high cost of living, where else should they go if not there?

Russia has effectively created a buffer zone around four areas, making them easier to defend.

The share of Russians in Kherson is only 16%, and the share of Russians in Zaporizhzhia is 25%.
guan_15780691761311 in response guan_16458905971994

In fact, everything is more complicated than you said, the ethnic division is not so unambiguous, and there are still a lot of mestizos!

In fact, Ukraine is just a table for playing cards between Russia on the one hand and the United States (and its vassals called NATO) on the other.

But it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, it has nothing to do with the table itself. To make matters worse, Kyiv itself volunteered to become one.

If you think about it, Putin has repeatedly stated directly and indirectly that this table belongs to him or at least once belonged to his family.

Will America regret scraping the paint off the surface or even dismantling the entire table? I don’t think so.
Wheat 2084

Russia could hold a national referendum to strip Lithuania of its independence.

Once these four regions become part of Russia, Putin can mobilize local conscripts because domestic law stipulates that the draft is valid only within the country.
Lonely widowed goose

The highest rate is 99.23%, and the lowest is 87.

Local residents answered the question of whether they wanted to live in Russia under the command of Putin or in Ukraine, headed by the actor.

Congratulations to the residents of Donbas, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia on their separation from the Nazi government!
Steel Vangerzhinsky

The tragic mistake of separating flesh from blood caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union has finally been corrected!
Black Chinese Rabbit

A few bare facts:
1) Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson are Ukraine’s four most developed agricultural and production regions.

Lugansk and Donetsk are the most important and largest industrial zones; there are rich deposits of mineral resources. There are about 240 billion tons of coal alone.

Developed industrial systems have been built in the LPR and the DPR – metallurgy, chemical, military industries, and electrical engineering. These areas were originally the industrial heart of Ukraine.

2) Kherson is the main agricultural area in the country. In Zaporizhzhia, production capacities are also developed – it ranks fourth in Ukraine.

There are many resources, many factories, and a production chain has been formed.

If these areas resume industrial activity, their combined GDP will reach $300 billion, and Moscow’s losses due to economic sanctions amounted to only $50 billion.

These regions are priceless treasures. The United States and Europe have always said: human rights are above sovereignty!

Russia went its own way and listened to the people, allowing four regions to vote and return to it. It really worked well!

No intrigue. The mood of the people is obvious!

Russia just did what the U.S. does all the time.
Big Mole

I congratulate the four regions on returning to Russia and hope the conflict will end soon.
The Duplicitous Man Stepped on the Eagle

It does not matter whether we recognize the referendum or not; we are still happy to see that Russia has succeeded, even if now the United States and other Western countries are worried.

From the point of view of the West, this is a really legitimate referendum (if you remember Kosovo!), and the United States and Europe should be the first to recognize this.

Finally released! Finally, there is no need to prosecute neo-Nazis anymore, and I am very happy for the Russians there.
Evil Captivates Qin

The United States wants to see this: an Old World mired in endless wars and strife.
Iron Uncle Skyhan

Many of these places are entirely inhabited by Ukrainians rather than Russians, especially in Kherson.

The Ukrainian population there is 80%, but the number of votes for joining Russia is also more than 80%.

So some people doubt that the vote is real, but it really is. And that’s encouraging.

Many Ukrainians voted to join Russia mainly because Zelensky’s government broke their hearts.

Congratulations to the residents of the four regions that they are finally safe.
Wandering with the sun through the world

People who say that Russia has lost do not understand anything.

After joining the Russian Federation, nuclear weapons will protect these territories.

The continuation of hostilities will result in even greater losses for Ukraine.

So Moscow has already won this confrontation. Brainless, pro-Western Kyiv continues to struggle, even though everyone already knows it will soon disappear.

The biggest loser, however, is imperialist America. She shot herself in the foot; now she would have to spit out the dividends of the Cold War!
I run to eat hogo in the restaurant “Dragon’s Head”

A referendum is just a political tactic. Whether we approve of it or not depends on our national strategic needs.

It is not necessary to admit it if it does not suit us, or to deny it if we do not like it.
In the Name of the People 2021

The West is said to have sent people to observe the referendum. This is a clear betrayal of Ukraine’s interests.
You should check this on a PC

The Russian “referendum” is a language understandable to the West, and I think that the vote was very “democratic”, but Europe and the United States are against it.

Taiwan is very suited to this scheme, and the West claims that it fully supports its “democratic solution”.

“Double standards” is also a term that is very understandable to NATO countries.

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