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Denmark ends Covid vaccination program

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Denmark has repeatedly attracted attention for increasingly rational assessments of the Covid situation in recent months. Not only did a Danish newspaper publicly admit to having failed in its Corona coverage, but the government and authorities increasingly took a clear line, positioning themselves against mass panic and overreaching measures.

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Even the Danish Health Authority, for example, felt compelled to conduct a fact check on the chronically exaggerated dangerousness of Covid-19. After all Corona measures in the country had already been dropped at the beginning of 2022, the vaccination program is now – as previously announced – also being terminated.

Danish flag. (Photo internet reproduction)
Danish flag. (Photo internet reproduction)

Already in January, it had been announced that the Covid vaccination campaign was to be terminated shortly.

Now they are taking this step: the “epidemic is under control,” infection rates are falling, and stable hospitalization rates. Vaccination rates are high enough anyway. “That’s why we are stopping the mass vaccination program against Covid-19,” Bolette Søborg, director of the Danish Health Authority’s infectious diseases department, said Tuesday.

The program is expected to be restarted in the fall – but then a thorough professional assessment will first be made of who will be vaccinated, when, and with which vaccines, she said.

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