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Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual

By Rhuan C. Soletti

Drag queen Yago Henrique França, 29, was burned alive in a demonic ritual. This is according to a complaint filed with the judiciary by the Ministry of Public Affairs of São Paulo (MPSP).

The prosecution’s position stems from a police investigation launched by the Homicide Unit of the Personal Security of São Bernardo do Campo, in the ABC region of São Paulo, which was investigating the case.

The victim’s body was found charred in a wooded area in Itapecerica da Serra, Greater São Paulo, on March 7 of this year.

, Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual
Yago Henrique França (Photo internet reproduction)

Much pointed to a demonic ritual.

Objects of a “religious nature” were placed around the drag queen’s body during the demonic ritual, said prosecutor João Augusto de Sanctis Garcia.

, Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual
The drag queen Yago Henrique França (Photo internet reproduction)

Yago was last seen alive on February 27, after attending a Umbanda ritual in southern São Paulo.

, Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual
José Henrique and Yago França dressed as a drag queen (Photo internet reproduction)


José Henrique Silva Santos, also known as drag queen Lunna Black, 30, admitted to police that he paid R$10,000 to a hit man to kill Yago and dispose of the body.

The motive he gave to police was that Yago owed José R$40,000 after the latter failed to share part of the fees they had earned together in the arts.

He communicated with the leader of the Umbanda community, Lucas Santos de Souza, and his friend to mediate his contact with the hit man.

According to audio recordings between Robson and the drag queen, the Umbanda leader told the hit man that the service (murder and ritual) would be performed for his community.

, Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual
Hairdresser Robson Pereira Felipe, right, and his boyfriend, Umbanda leader Lucas Santos de Souza (Photo internet reproduction)

However, not all the pieces fit together.

José tried to invent narratives, claiming that Yago had gone to meet a lover.

The fact is that the security images of the roads disprove this version, besides raising other doubts.

The video captures the moment when, supposedly, five people involved put Yago inside a car’s trunk.

They all witnessed Yago’s doped-up body being hidden, corroborating the thesis that everything was part of a satanic ritual related to Lucas’ Umbanda center.

, Brazil: drag queen is burned alive in satanic ritual
Scene from the video (Photo internet reproduction)

His mother recognized Yago’s body.

According to the registry, he had tattooed the “Harry Potter glasses” on his right ankle and the “Griffitory hat” on his right arm.

On his left arm, a drawing of Ganesha, one of the gods of the Hindu pantheon, his first tattoo.

While Yago was missing, José posted photos alongside the victim on Instagram, pleading for him to be found. To date, the post has not been deleted.

“Since his disappearance, the days have been strange, confusing, and sad receiving the news of his departure is not easy.”

“More than friends, sisters.”

“How many adventures, stories, pains, and joys we shared. How many dreams we have built together.”

“In my memory will always be the best moments.”

“I wish you rest in peace #Yago #Amelia in the arms of God, the Goddess, the Orixás, the Gypsy people, and everything we believed in. You were light for this world,” declared José.

Below is a video of one of the victim’s performances:

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