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Bill Gates: ‘All rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic meat’ to fight climate change

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – “All rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic beef” to avoid climate change, software giant and left-wing philanthropist Bill Gates said in a recent interview.

The Microsoft founder commented in an interview with Technology Review about his book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.

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After admitting that switching to synthetic beef would not be feasible for developing countries (where “we have to use animal genetics to dramatically increase beef”), Gates claimed that wealthy countries could handle it.

“You can get used to the difference in taste, and the claim is that it will taste even better over time. Ultimately, this environmental premium is modest enough to change people’s [behavior] or change demand completely through regulation.”

Bill Gates: 'All rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic meat' to fight climate change. (Photo internet reproduction)
Bill Gates: ‘All rich countries should switch to 100% synthetic meat’ to fight climate change. (Photo internet reproduction)

Gates said he “can actually see a way” to make change a reality, pointing to the work of plant-based “burger” companies like Impossible and Beyond Meat, but acknowledged that “telling people, ‘You can’t eat cows anymore,’ is a politically unpopular approach.”

He also complained about legislation to ensure that contaminated beef is not misleadingly labeled, saying, “There are laws that say it has to be labeled lab crap to be sold. They don’t want us to use the beef label.”

Gates’ book includes several proposals for technological changes and policies to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, including his call for the U.S. to spend US$35 billion on so-called clean technologies.

While left-wing activists like Gates are committed to anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the view that human activity rather than natural phenomena are primarily responsible for changing Earth’s climate is an established phenomenon; the actual scientific situation can be seen quite differently.

Climate change advocates suffered a setback in 2010 when it was discovered that their leading researchers had widely manipulated data, created flawed climate models, misrepresented sources, and suppressed dissenting findings.

Activists claim there is a “97% scientific consensus” in favor of climate change, but that figure distorts a review of 11,944 peer-reviewed journal articles, 66.4% of which expressed no opinion on the subject; many of the authors identified with the climate change “consensus” later stated that their positions had been misrepresented.

Contrary to claims that people are dying due to climate change, data from the International Disaster Database show that “climate-related deaths” (i.e., deaths due to floods, droughts, storms, wildfires, and extreme temperatures) have declined dramatically and steadily since the 1920s.

In March 2019, Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, called AGW alarmism a “total hoax and fraud,” a “toxic combination of religion and political ideology” that is “the worst thing that has ever happened to science. In the history of science . .”

For years, Gates has used his wealth and celebrity to advocate for policies far beyond his area of expertise – from Covid-19 vaccines and law enforcement to population control and education reform.

Earlier this month, Gates’ ex-wife Melinda, whose name appears alongside his at his left-leaning philanthropic foundation, revealed that Bill’s friendship with “evil” deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein contributed to their divorce.

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