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Peru: Production of mining sector fell by 6.07% and fishing by 12.60% in December 2021

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Production in the mining and hydrocarbons sector decreased 6.07% in December 2021 compared to the same month in 2020, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported.

This was the result of the less favorable performance of the Metallic Mining subsector by 7.11%, explained by lower production volumes of iron (-23%), zinc (-19.2%), lead (-10%), copper (-6.7%) and gold (-5.4%); in contrast, molybdenum (9.1%), tin (5.8%) and silver (1.2%) increased.

The hydrocarbons subsector increased by 0.64% due to higher crude oil production (22.1%) and natural gas (0.2%). In comparison, production of natural gas liquids decreased (-7.6%), according to the technical report Avance Coyuntural de la Actividad Económica del INEI.

, Peru: Production of mining sector fell by 6.07% and fishing by 12.60% in December 2021


In December, the fisheries sector decreased by 12.60%, related to the lower extraction of species of marine origin (-13.77%), due to the softer landing of anchovies for indirect human consumption (fish meal and fish oil).

On December, 1 million 82 thousand tons of anchovies were taken, compared to 1 million 226 thousand tons in the same month of 2020, a decrease of 11.77%, due to the lower catches in the current fishing season.

Likewise, there was a decrease in the extraction of species for direct human consumption (-18.46%), destined for the preparation of cured (-48.7%), canned (-32.6%), fresh (-27.4%) and frozen (-9.5%) products.

On the other hand, inland fishing increased by 20.53% due to greater resources for fresh consumption and the preparation of frozen and cured products.


According to preliminary figures, the electricity subsector grew by 2.47% in January this year due to the resumption of economic activities, lower capacity constraints, and the reduction of curfew hours nationwide.

According to the type of energy source, thermal energy (60.67%) and renewable energy (4.30%) generation increased, while hydropower generation decreased (-15.24%).

The companies that led in electricity generation were: Fenix Power, Egesur, Engie, Enel Piura, Electro Oriente, San Gaban, and Kallpa.

The companies with the lowest production were EG Huallaga, EG Huanza, Enel Peru, Statkraft, Chinango, Orazul, Celepsa, Egemsa, and Electroperu.


In December 2021, domestic cement consumption was 0.27% lower than in the same month of 2020 due to the lower dynamics of private and public construction projects.


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