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Citizens’ approval of the Peruvian Congress stands at mere 13%

Peruvian Congress, Citizens’ approval of the Peruvian Congress stands at mere 13%

A survey by Ipsos Peru found that 13% of Peruvians approve of the work of the Peruvian Congress, one of the lowest levels since it began last July.

According to Ipsos Peru’s monthly polls, only in May of this year was the approval of the parliament lower than that of the current one, at 12%.

On the other hand, the poll shows that the country’s president, Pedro Castillo, is supported by 23% of citizens, while 67% oppose him and 10% have no opinion.

Peruvian congress. (Photo internet reproduction)
Peruvian congress. (Photo internet reproduction)

Peru is amidst a severe political crisis due to the discrediting of the ruling class and various allegations of corruption against officials in the executive and legislative branches.

The president is under investigation by six prosecutors, five of whom were alleged corruption offenses committed during his term, which began in July 2021.

In light of the crisis, 45% of Peruvians believe that the way out lies in early elections (new president and new Congress), while 23% believe that the president and parliament should remain in power until the end of their terms in July 2026.

Fifteen percent believe that Congress should fulfill its mandate but that the president should resign and be succeeded by Vice President Dina Boluarte.

Regarding the prosecutor’s investigation of Castillo, 62% believe the president is obstructing the investigation because he is guilty of the crimes he is accused of.

27% have the opposite opinion, and 11% do not express an opinion.

Likewise, 11 percent favored early elections, but only presidential elections and 6 percent had no opinion.

The Ipsos poll was conducted among 1,246 people between September 8 and 9.


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