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Thousands of Colombians take to the streets to support Gustavo Petro’s government

In a remarkable show of support, thousands of Colombians rallied on the streets this Wednesday in favor of President Gustavo Petro’s government.

They pressed Congress to greenlight Petro’s proposed transformations in health, pension, and labor sectors, aimed at reshaping the country.

Amidst the rally in Bogota, Petro, alongside Vice President Francia Marquez, joined the marchers.

He voiced gratitude for the support in these challenging times of his administration, emphasizing his commitment to the people’s desire for reforms and peace.

Thousands of Colombians take to the streets to support Gustavo Petro's government. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Thousands of Colombians take to the streets to support Gustavo Petro’s government. (Photo Internet reproduction)

“People elected me, trusting in my capacity to establish peace and instigate a true societal change. I remain dedicated to this cause,” Petro declared.

He also noted that the sought-after reforms aren’t whimsical or detrimental, as the affluent suggest, but are a collective desire.

Petro seized this opportunity to inform the crowd about his impending visit to Cuba on Thursday, June 8, for the conclusion of the third round of talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN), emphasizing his goal of ending the war in Colombia.

“I will sign a document that may herald a new era of peace for our country. Making peace is far harder than waging war,” Petro said.

However, opposition leaders urged anti-Petro Colombians to launch an indefinite series of protests until he resigns.

They argue against the feasibility of his proposed reforms, his unfulfilled promises of peace and security, and fear an indefinite hold on power.

Petro’s popularity has waned recently, as per an Invamer survey, plunging to 33.8%. The survey revealed a general sentiment of dissatisfaction, with 70.7% of participants believing the country is on the wrong track, while just 23.6% deemed it on the right one.

The National Police reported that demonstrations in Bogotá and major cities like Medellín, Barranquilla, Cali, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, and Ibagué were peaceful, reflecting the strong democratic spirit in these uncertain times.

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