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Only 32% of Colombians support Petro’s government’s decisions

The most recent Opiniometer study, by Datexco Company S.A., shows that the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, maintains disapproval indexes of around 60% once he has completed nine months as the head of the Executive of the South American country.

Only 32% of those consulted openly support the president’s decisions.

The survey, published this May 23rd in the Colombian media, has made it clear that in the country’s capital – where the current president was mayor – one of the essential nuclei of rejection to his administration is concentrated, with disapproval reaching 59% in Bogota.

Gustavo Petro, Only 32% of Colombians support Petro’s government’s decisions
The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro (Photo internet reproduction)

The study also highlights that 53% of those surveyed approve of the protests recently staged by retired military and police officers against Petro’s security policies.

Petro’s administration began to be questioned once he decided to reshuffle his cabinet, clashing with the political formations that had supported him in forming his government coalition.

In addition, the ambitious reforms that the head of state has tried to approve seem to have impacted a large part of public opinion.

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