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Nearly 60% of Chileans disapprove of Gabriel Boric’s government

Citizens’ approval of Chile’s leftist President Gabriel Boric has dropped to a meager 35 percent, while 59 percent disapprove of his government, according to the latest Cadem poll.

September has thus become the worst month for the Chilean leader, who has seen growing dissatisfaction with his government in recent months and even more so since the failed constitutional referendum.

Gabriel Boric. (Photo internet reproduction)
Gabriel Boric. (Photo internet reproduction)

According to the same poll, when Boric took office as Chile’s president, he had 50 percent popular support, and only 20 percent disagreed with the president.

The poll underscores popular support for the adoption of a new Magna Carta.

According to Chilean television station Canal 13, 71 percent of respondents agree with the resumption of the constitutional process, while 27 percent disagree.


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