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Chile: Boric’s disapproval rose to 65%, the second-highest in history

The new survey of Plaza Pública Cadem indicated that the disapproval of president Gabriel Boric rose to 65% of the population, the highest value ever recorded except for the levels that Sebastián Piñera had during the “social outburst” of 2019.

The last Cadem survey had given him a 60% rejection, thus registering a rise of 5 percentage points more than in the previous consultation.

Likewise, approval fell to 30%, with the remaining 5% undecided.

Gabriel Boric, Chile: Boric’s disapproval rose to 65%, the second-highest in history
Chilean President Gabriel Boric (Photo internet reproduction)

In June 2022, Boric had a negative image for 57%, an increase of seven points from the preceding survey (50%).

Therefore, every four months, Boric has systematically worsened his image.

It should be clarified that the perception of the sample used by Cadem is more biased in favor of the left, but even so, the pollsters’ results seem to be converging, and all agree that Boric is going through a total image crisis.

This fall has many reasons, but one of the most important is the childish way he destroyed the constitutional project that had brought him to the presidency, defending the inclusion of far-left progressive articles in its drafting.

In addition, his total incapacity to approve political and economic reforms, the total surrender to Mapuche terrorism, the informal alliance with the former Concertación, and the pardons of 10 terrorists condemned for the social outburst and to the former communist guerrilla Jorge Mateluna.

The survey shows this directly.

71% of those polled say they disagree with the presidential pardons, while 59% believe Boric did have in sight all the criminal records of those who were pardoned, which contradicts the versions delivered by the Government.

Finally, regarding an eventual vote on a constitutional proposal, 44% say that today they would vote against the constitutional proposal, compared to 34% who say they would approve it. 22% do not express any opinion.

Thus, Boric’s new “moderate” Constitution would also fall.

With information from La Derecha Diario

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