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Covid-19: Uruguay to negotiate Pfizer booster vaccine doses for foreigners

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – One of the details to be discussed is the number of doses needed. Uruguayan authorities say the figure should be around 1 million by the first quarter of 2022.

The Uruguayan government will offer a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to foreigners visiting in the country after November 1, when borders are fully reopened. Tourism Minister Tabaré Viera met with Lacalle Pou on October 14 and later announced that he had been given the go-ahead to organize the immunization of foreigners.

Uruguay’s Secretary of the Presidency will meet with Pfizer laboratory’s regional manager to finalize the details on the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines. (photo internet reproduction)

“It is good news for the safety of our fellow citizens and one more service offered to tourists,” the Minister said. However, Uruguayan authorities are concerned that excessive efforts to secure doses for visiting foreigners could result in a shortage of vaccines for nationals.

In agreeing to the initiative, Lacalle was reportedly emphatic about the need to ensure that no Uruguayan is left unattended and that everything is conducted based on an egalitarian perspective.

Ministry of Public Health (MSP) sources indicated that “Uruguayans and foreigners will share the vaccination schedule,” although Uruguayans will be prioritized. Only the third doses will be available for tourists, given that being fully vaccinated (two doses) is a requirement to enter the country.

Uruguayan authorities have indicated that the local supply of vaccines should be guaranteed and that there would be no shortage of doses when foreigners arrive from November 1. The MSP will be monitoring “the evolution of the number of Uruguayan registrants and the purchases made by the Presidency to determine the feasibility of inoculating foreigners.”

Some 72% of Uruguayans have taken the two Covid-19 vaccine doses, while 31% have now been administered the booster dose, mainly Coronavac. Those vaccinated with Pfizer must wait 6 months after the second shot to receive the third, according to the National Vaccination Advisory Commission.


As of November 1, Uruguay will allow the entry of tourists from any country in the world who have completed coronavirus vaccination schedules from any laboratory at least 14 days prior to travel.

A negative PCR test will also be required. It must be repeated on the 7th day after entering the country. No quarantine will be required upon entry.

Another requirement is to sign an online passenger form, which must include the documentation, the type of vaccine received and the PCR test.

“We are in a position to announce that Uruguay will reopen its borders to tourism from all over the world from November 1, and under conditions that provide security to all those who live within our territory,” informed Uruguay’s Vice Minister of Tourism Remo Monzeglio.


A full VAT exemption will be in force (22% in the country) on the consumption of food services, car rental without driver, and accommodation (rented through real estate agencies) and catering services for parties and events, acquired through electronic means of payment.

This tax incentive will be extended until April 30, 2022.

In the case of tourist housing rentals, in addition to the removal of VAT on real estate services, there is another rebate consisting of a tax credit equivalent to 10.5% of the gross amount.

This benefit will be applied when payment is made with debit cards issued abroad and when a property manager residing in Uruguay acts as intermediary and collects the payment.

“These measures are, undoubtedly, a stimulus to tourism, but also an invitation to a longer stay for those who wish to grow, personally and professionally, in our country,” explains head of Rica Consultores Ricardo Domínguez in reference to the business opportunities Uruguay also offers.

This is not the first time that Uruguay launches this type of benefit, at this time in an even stronger effort to rebound from the overall slump and attract the Argentine market in particular.

Argentines visiting Uruguay must be vaccinated with two doses and are no longer required to quarantine upon arrival, while legal residents may enter Uruguay unrestrictedly and are not required to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

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