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Bahia: Death toll rises to 24; 132 cities in a state of emergency

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – According to the latest balance, the tragedy affected 629,398 people, of which 53,934 were forced to leave their homes and another 37,324 were left homeless. The Bahia state government reported that this was the rainiest month in the state since 1989.

Until early yesterday afternoon, 21 deaths had been recorded. The 3 latest deaths were of a couple in São Félix do Coribe, whose car was washed away by a flood, and a man in Ubaitaba, run over by a driver unable to see the road due to the rain.

In all, 13 municipalities have reported deaths due to the rains. (photo internet reproduction)

The Federal Highway Police reported early yesterday that 10 roads were blocked in the region after the damage caused by the rains. BR 101 was the most affected, with at least 5 points blocked.

The Bahia Infrastructure Secretariat (SEINFRA) reports that 44 stretches of highway have been affected since the beginning of the rainy season.


Federal deputy Marcelo Nilo said that the R$200 (US$35) million pledged by the government to help the areas affected by the rain is insufficient. “I think that, at this moment, R$200 million is only palliative. At the very least, in a still superficial study, we would need R$1.5 billion to rebuild the cities affected by the floods,” he said.

Nilo also criticized Bolsonaro for maintaining his vacations in Santa Catarina, where he is jet skiing with his family, and delegating to his Ministers the task of visiting the regions affected by the rain.

“The President elected by the people must make his own decisions. If he thinks it is more important to ride a jet ski on vacation…,” he said.

In turn, Bolsonaro shared an ironic statement by Minister of Regional Development Rogério Marinho to justify his absence in the state. “I believe that should the President find the cure for cancer, he would be criticized for finding the cure for cancer,” Marinho said at an event in Rio de Janeiro.

When sharing a video of the Minister on social media, Bolsonaro added: “Bahia, our work is about solidarity.”

In all, 13 municipalities have reported deaths due to the rains: Amargosa (2), Itaberaba (2), Itamaraju (4), Jucuruçu (3), Macarani (1), Prado (2), Ruy Barbosa (1), Itapetinga (1), Ilhéus (2), Aurelino Leal (1), Itabuna (2), São Félix do Coribe (2) and Ubaitaba (1).

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