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The extent of Bill Gates’ media-control operation is something spy agencies can only dream about

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Through his foundation, Bill Gates spends large sums annually on various media and journalism projects. In this way, he buys positive coverage for his goals.

Be it in the vaccination business, gender equality, the hype about climate change, agriculture, food production, and in many other areas where he has his hands in the game. The billionaire’s influence on the media and social media is enormous.

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given more than US$319 million in grants, awards, and charitable events to media organizations.

According to Mint Press News (MPN), which has analyzed more than 30,000 documents, Bill Gates has also awarded about US$38 million to investigative journalism centers to train journalists in the process. Of that, more than US$20 million went to the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), which “builds the expertise and digital skills journalists need to deliver trusted news essential to a vibrant society.”

The generous donations made to ICFJ over several years were for the express purpose of training journalists “to focus on data-driven health and development reporting to help African media better contribute to setting development plans and promoting public accountability,” according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.

Funding new health journalists is a common trend with Gates. After all, he wants to push his vaccination agenda – and he wants to do it worldwide.

According to the foundation’s website, the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism received the US$3,800,357 grant to “support sustained, high-quality, evidence-based and solutions-oriented media coverage of global health and development issues in primary health care systems, agriculture, and financial inclusion.”

Other recipients of more than US$1 million include the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting (US$2,432,552) to “support editorial projects focused on global health issues,” Fondation EurActiv Politech (US$2. 368,300), the International Women’s Media Foundation (US$1,500,000), the Center for Investigative Reporting – US$1,446,639, the InterMedia Survey Institute (US$1,297,545), and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (US$1,068,169).

Simply put, Bill Gates seems to want to install a personal army of professional controllers in various media outlets. These are to propagandize his position on health care. Anyone who opposes Gates and his plan will be torn to shreds by these appropriately trained media people and disavowed as a ‘contrarian’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ spreading misinformation.

Gates, of course, also funds the journalism programs of several universities, including John Hopkins University, Columbia University, the University of California Berkeley, Tsinghua University, Seattle University, Rhodes University, and Montclair State University. Harvard University (where Gates is a dropout), the University of Southern California, Boston University, and Ahmadu Bello University have also received money from the Gates Foundation for various media projects.

However, training new journalists is not the only area of media Gates is focusing on. He also targets experienced journalists in legacy media organizations. According to the Mint Press News report, a total of US$166.2 million has been awarded to well-known legacy media organizations. “The money is generally earmarked for issues close to the Gates’ hearts.

CNN’s US$3.6 million grant, for example, was used to cover gender equality, with a particular focus on least developed countries, to produce journalism about the everyday inequalities faced by women and girls around the world.” At the same time, the Texas Tribune received millions to “raise public awareness and commitment to education reform in Texas.

Mint Press News concludes, “Given that Bill is one of the most ardent supporters of charter schools, a cynic could interpret this as planting propaganda for charter schools in the media, disguised as objective reporting.”

All in all, a very transparent game, but one that many people have yet to recognize. Who bothers to look behind the scenes of the global media world?

That’s why Gates can also hire 3,000 new “fact-checkers” to crack down on vaccine “misinformation” on social media. His own troll army, so to speak.

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