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Putin warned that Russia was not bluffing. The U.S. reacted

The American media commented on the appeal of Vladimir Putin, during which he announced a partial mobilization.

The Russian leader warned to use “all available means” to preserve territorial integrity.

The Wall Street Journal: Putin ordered the call up of reservists and threatened nuclear weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened a nuclear response to the Ukrainian conflict to Ukraine and gave the order to begin mobilizing reservists.

His speech is a clear indication that Russia is incapable of confronting Ukraine and the West, which has united in the face of Moscow’s actions.

The New York Times: Putin calls more citizens to serve amid military setbacks

Putin’s speech is an obvious attempt to regain influence in an increasingly chaotic armed conflict that has undermined his credibility both domestically and on the world stage.

It’s also a way to give credit to those Russians who support the special operation but criticize the Kremlin for not using the resources needed for a full-scale fight.

The Washington Post: Putin calls on Russian reservists amid military setbacks and supports annexation plans

Putin’s remarks come as Kiev is launching a counteroffensive and pro-Kremlin officials are pushing for referendums that could lead to Moscow’s annexation of occupied Ukrainian territories, a move that would escalate the conflict seriously.

Fox News: Putin begins mobilization to reinforce military special operation amid Ukrainian counteroffensive

“Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization seven months after the start of a special military operation and against the backdrop of a ‘successful counteroffensive’ of the Ukrainian army.”

CNN: Russia announces immediate “partial mobilization” of citizens to participate in the conflict in Ukraine

Putin has presented the conflict as part of a larger struggle for Russia’s survival in a confrontation with the West that aims to “weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our country.”

The announcement comes as pro-Kremlin authorities in some Russian-held territories in eastern and southern Ukraine announced referendums this week on formal Russian membership.

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