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Meloni ends vaccination mandate for medical personnel in Italy

The new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, has decreed in her first package of government measures to end the Covid vaccine mandate for healthcare personnel.

“Science must not be approached ideologically, but with scientific evidence that supports the measures,” Meloni said at a press conference.

“Countless measures have been taken in the past that were not based on scientific evidence.”

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“We are going to proceed with effective measures, with much clearer information,” she clarified.

Giorgia Meloni. (Photo internet reproduction)
Giorgia Meloni. (Photo internet reproduction)

Italy is the nation that has taken the most restrictive measures but has had the highest case fatality rates. Something didn’t work.

“Covid has become an election campaign issue, it has become ideological, and this has not helped us to take effective measures, and anyone who said otherwise was singled out as a monster,” she said.

Of course, the opposition has cried out because they see the somewhat totalitarian control regime going down the drain.

Thus, the leader of the Democratic Party and former unelected prime minister, Enrico Letta, has taken to Twitter to criticize the liberating measure: “The Meloni government made its first choice in its debut of the Council of Ministers,” he wrote from his account on the social network.

The measure will serve, above all, to reinstate in their jobs nearly 4,000 health workers who were dismissed for refusing inoculation at a time of special need for health professionals.

The new Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, explains: “We have a shortage of medical personnel. Therefore, having these unvaccinated doctors back to work serves to counteract the shortage and guarantee the right to health”.

This is no surprise. During the election campaign, in which Fratelli received the most votes, Meloni spoke out clearly against the pandemic measures taken in Italy, which many saw as tyrannical, including mandatory vaccination and the Covid pass.

“In line with what we wrote in the party program and with what we said during the election campaign, we are against the Covid passport and compulsory vaccination because we believe it is not the way to deal with a health emergency,” explained Elisabetta Gardini, Fratelli’s deputy, during the campaign.

The same MP stated that we must turn the page and close this chapter, abolishing the green pass and compulsory inoculation.

“Everything related to health should be decided by the person with his doctor, not by the bureaucrat with his decrees”.

Meloni also intends to set up a commission to investigate all the measures taken by the last two governments during the pandemic, namely that of Socialist Giuseppe Conte and that of Socialist Mario Draghi, who imposed a brutal quarantine and a health passport, respectively.

“We also want a commission to evaluate everything that has been done, both from an economic and health point of view,” Gardini said.

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