Armed migrant gangs march on Balkan route toward central Europe

Afghans and Pakistanis engage in firefight at Serbian-Hungarian border: one dead.

migrants, Armed migrant gangs march on Balkan route toward central Europe

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – A clash between migrants at the Serbian-Hungarian border left one dead and seven others injured. But it also means that armed migrants are marching on the Balkan route toward Central Europe.

Serbian authorities are still searching for a gang of migrants who fired shots in a forest near the Hungarian border early Saturday morning. So far, authorities have only managed to arrest a 26-year-old Afghan who is being held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

One person was killed and seven injured in the clash between Afghan and Pakistani gangs. Those seven people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. A 16-year-old Iranian girl required immediate surgery, and her condition is currently stable.

People living in Subotica, south of the Hungarian border, and the surrounding area remain tense due to the events and believe they are no longer safe, Hungarian state broadcaster M1 reported.

According to media reports, police continued to patrol the Subotica district where the clashes took place on Sunday. The forest area remained closed to the public while investigators examined the scene.

The clash angered many locals, who began a peaceful demonstration Saturday night calling on authorities to take immigrants gathering in the area to a reception center, fearing a repeat of the clashes.

“How can I sleep peacefully after an incident like this?” asked one resident. “I never know when someone will come out of the cornfield and attack me with a gun. ” I don’t dare go out to check when my dog barks,” she added.

The migrants also reportedly fired at police, prompting Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin to rush to the scene and authorize authorities to use live fire.

The police launched a search for the perpetrators. All the migrants in the neighborhood were taken to the police station and interrogated; one was handcuffed in front of M1 cameras. Meanwhile, there were reports that the Serbian gendarmerie had arrested a wanted terrorist, but no further information was available.

Tensions remain high, however. In a statement released Sunday, Serbia’s Interior Minister confirmed that “a 26-year-old Afghan was apprehended in a swift and effective operation in Subotica. He is suspected of murder.” On Sunday morning, residents again heard gunfire, this time from the forest nearby Kelebia, prompting authorities to return to the scene.

However, the shooting also highlights that on the Balkan route, armed groups of migrants are on their way toward Central Europe. People who have no qualms about using the deadly force of arms.