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The border between Colombia and Venezuela is reopened today

According to the Colombian Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña, the border between Colombia and Venezuela will be officially reopened today, Monday.

“It is the reopening of the border after seven years of interruptions or permanent closure, in which both the people of Táchira (Venezuelan state) and the people of Norte de Santander (Colombian department) will have a wonderful reunion,” the official told reporters.

The border between Colombia and Venezuela is reopened today. (Photo internet reproduction)
The border between Colombia and Venezuela is reopened today. (Photo internet reproduction)

Umaña and Colombian Transportation Minister Guillermo Reyes on Sunday visited the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, one of the three bridges that connect Colombia’s Norte de Santander (Northeast) department with the neighboring country.

Colombia and Venezuela have resumed diplomatic relations after being suspended for three years.

The Colombian official stated that the official opening of the border would take place tomorrow, Monday, at approximately 9 am local time.

On that day, the anthems of the two countries will be sung beforehand, with the authorities of both governments present.

“Diplomatic relations with Venezuela have been restored. Ambassadors (Armando) Benedetti (Colombia) and (Félix) Plasencia (Venezuela) are already fully active. We are working on the relevant part of the reactivation of the consulates (…) the two defense ministers met (on Saturday) to discuss security issues,” he said.

Yesterday, after meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, General Vladimir Padrino, Colombian Defense Minister Iván Velásquez announced that a commission would be set up to establish a timetable for normalizing relations between the two countries.

After Gustavo Petro won the presidential election last June, he announced the resumption of diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

In 2008, bilateral trade was more than US$7 billion.

In 2020, the lowest value was recorded at about US$222 million, while last year, it was US$394 million, according to data released by the Colombian Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism.



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