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Opinion: Lula fights with agribusiness without realizing that the country has changed since his first term in office

By Alexandre Garcia*

(Opinion) President Lula is very angry with the political articulation of his government, which is losing a lot of things in Congress.

Now it is also his responsibility. He fights against those who cannot fight; he fights against the agricultural sector.

And siding with the farms invading MST, this has been going on since the beginning of the government, with the story of the invitation to João Pedro Stédile to go to China with him.

, Opinion: Lula fights with agribusiness without realizing that the country has changed since his first term in office
Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Photo internet reproduction)

Stédile, before going to China, preaches invasions, after going to China, preaches invasions with the so-called “Red April”.

And Lula also called the agro people fascists.

He is fighting with farmers; he is fighting with those who are producing.

Those who are guaranteeing the payment balance and the trade balance are ensuring Brazil’s foreign exchange reserve, which is currently US$320 billion.

Compare this with Argentina, which is at zero and has no guarantee to pay for imports.

If Argentina needs to buy food from abroad, it has no way to pay because it has no reserve.

It doesn’t have a fund, so it asks Brazil for help.

Brazil even put the BNDES into this to sustain Argentine imports with Brazilian exports.

So, you are fighting with the wrong people; you are fighting with those who are working.

And you support those who are hindering the work of those who are working, which is the MST, which brings uncertainty, and concern to the countryside, which threatens to invade, which does not comply with the law, which disrespects the fundamental right to property, which is in the caput of Article 5 of the Constitution, among the fundamental rights and guarantees, in the same line as the right to life.

So, you’re fighting the wrong fight, then the House and Senate respond.

The president doesn’t realize that there is this very strong caucus of agriculture, the ruralist caucus, which is very strong, and that more than 60% of candidates were elected being conservative and supporting agriculture.

And the agricultural sector is mobilized.

So much so that it has mobilized to pass this week the bill that leaves aside the Supreme Court (STF) in the action “Temporal Milestone”.

There is a risk that the Supreme Court will say that the land they traditionally work is indigenous, and then we will have to leave and “give back” all agricultural land from 1500

I am of Spanish and German descent; I will have to go back; I am not an original person.

The Constitution says “traditionally occupied”, present tense, that is, October 5, 1988, the date of the promulgation of the Constitution.


Well, that is not all that President Lula is achieving.

He is getting this strong bench with a majority to change his provisional measures.

And if the government thinks that it can’t change and will discuss it, it will waste time that it no longer has.

If we reach June 1 this week, it’s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and June 1 is Thursday, the provisional measure Lula used to create 17 ministries no longer exists.

He cannot take another measure, and 17 ministers and 17 ministers disappear.

They are taking away the rural environmental registry, the National Water Agency from Marina Silva (Environment), taking away Coaf from the Ministry of Finance, and putting it where it belongs, which is in the Central Bank.

Just imagine that Conab was in the Ministry of Agrarian Reform of the MST.

Conab has to go back to the Ministry of Agriculture, which is essential for the forecast of harvests, the logistics of the harvests, and the commercialization of the harvests.

Demarcation of indigenous land was with the indigenous woman who is the Minister of Indigenous Peoples, Sonia Guajajara, and they are also taking it away.

This is what has made the president of the Republic very uneasy.

His situation in this Lula 3 is more similar to Dilma 3 than to Lula 1, for example, in which times were different, and it seems that the president did not realize that many things have changed in this world that changes so fast in a decade.

*Columns about national politics are published from Sunday to Thursday.

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