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Austria’s government backs down; weakens vaccination mandate

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The never-ending, massive resistance in Austria has managed to put the country’s government and its planned vaccination mandate on the spot: Will the mandatory vaccination law be overturned in the coming days? Or will it be watered down to a “mandatory vaccination light”?

Either way, the government plan shows weaknesses. and representatives of the Austrian resistance enthusiastically say that the country is a shining example to the world: standing up and fighting back pays off.

Sunday at noon, the Austrian government held a surprise press conference: The vaccination mandate is to be introduced. But they are weakening it, postponing it, not checking across the board, and thus signaling a willingness to talk.

(More massive protests took place in dozens of Austrian cities on Saturday and Sunday

The government is backing down, but apparently, ‘officially’ still mandates introducing compulsory vaccination. Albeit weakened for the time being.

These are the latest rules:

  • For the time being no automated penalties (was announced)
  • For the time being mandate from 18 years (instead of originally 14)
  • Controls only from March (and not Feb. 1)
  • Penalty amount reduced

It is foreseeable that compulsory vaccination will remain relatively toothless in the coming months. Nevertheless, “compulsory vaccination light” can be “upgraded” if necessary, presumably in the fall, and then become a totalitarian instrument of rule, write Austrian newspapers.

Resistance in Austria is now likely to become even more creative and extensive. Because if a government weakens and postpones its plans, it can also be pushed into an immediate capitulation

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