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Argentina is studying the possibility of installing the Russian navigation system Glonass

Argentina is studying the possibility of installing the Russian satellite navigation system Glonass in its territory, the Argentine ambassador to Moscow, Eduardo Antonio Zuain, told Sputnik.

“As far as I know, this possibility is still under study. Argentina produces satellites, and I think it is in a stage of technical analysis whether they are compatible or not, not only with these systems but also with other systems,” Zuain stated, responding to the question of whether Argentina plans to install the Glonass system.

Created in Soviet times and launched in 1993, the Glonass system, analogous to the US GPS, determines in real-time with great accuracy the location coordinates and movement parameters (speed and height) of objects in the air, on land or at sea.

Like similar systems, Glonass can be used to observe natural disasters, facilitate rescue operations, and has commercial applications such as road safety, toll collection, etc.

With information from Sputnik

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