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A trip to Central America always means a journey to an ancient and important culture. In the countries of the natural land bridge between North and South America, visitors can discover the remains of a vast empire and learn much...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will announce US$1.9 billion in new private investment commitments for North Central America to create jobs and stem rising migration, a government official said Tuesday. "These are new investments from...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Xiomara Castro, the president of Honduras, has reportedly defended El Salvador's monetary policy and hinted that the country could follow in its neighbor's footsteps and adopt Bitcoin. Honduras could be the next country to adopt...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - A Honduran judge on Wednesday approved the extradition of former President Juan Orlando Hernández to the United States, where he faces three charges related to drug trafficking and weapons use. "The Extradition Judge of First...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Honduras President Xiomara Castro this Sunday celebrates a month in office marked by internal controversy among deputies of the ruling Freedom and Re-establishment Party (Libre, left) and the sudden prosecution of her predecessor, Juan...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Honduran security forces with assault rifles have stationed themselves tonight around the residence of former president Juan Orlando Hernandez, who is reportedly being sought for extradition by the United States. One of the neighbors of...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - After the triumph of the Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Zedong in the 1949 Civil War, the nationalist side led by Chiang Kai-shek retreated to the island of Taiwan (south), from where the...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Brazil has the second lowest value in South America; a CNN survey shows how much the minimum wage is today in several countries of the region. The minimum wage is understood as the minimum amount...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - The virtually elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, after counting 80.66% of the votes, has 1.4 million "yes" votes, the best result achieved by a candidate since records began. According to the last update of...



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