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Honduras secures US$830 million from IMF to support economic reforms

According to an official statement from the IMF, Honduras has reached a consensus with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to secure US$830 million to back the nation’s economic reform efforts.

The collaboration, spanning 36 months, has been established at a technical level, involving the IMF’s Extended Service (ES) and the Extended Credit Service (ECS).

This deal would grant Honduras access to approximately US$830 million, accounting for 250% of Honduras’ quota with the IMF.

Photo Internet reproduction.
Photo Internet reproduction.

This accord came to fruition during a delegation visit to Tegucigalpa, led by Ricardo Llaudes, from June 5th to 16th.

The IMF’s statement acknowledged the Honduran economy’s commendable resilience against various internal and external challenges.

Moreover, the reform agenda, endorsed by the IMF, includes economic and institutional amendments.

The primary objectives are to solidify macroeconomic stability, allocate fiscal resources towards productive investment and social expenditure, and promote sustainable and inclusive growth, all while enhancing climate resilience.

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