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The Rio Times: Connecting the World with Latin America's Stories and Beyond

Founded in June 2009, the Rio Times has evolved from its Swiss roots into a vital English-language publication, connecting readers worldwide to the dynamic landscapes of Brazil and Latin America.

Initially a print and digital news outlet, our mission has consistently focused on providing clear and concise insights into the latest news and contemporary issues shaping the region—all presented in English.

We meticulously curate our content from existing news sources, predominantly Portuguese and Spanish-language digital media.

Our commitment to accuracy, balance, and impartiality is unwavering, though our content reflects the perspectives of leading newspapers and magazines across Latin America.

In response to the digital age, we transitioned entirely to an online platform, phasing out our print editions.

Post-2020 marked a strategic shift, expanding our coverage to include more in-depth reports from across Latin America.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of our globalized world, we believe that no country's story stands alone.

In August 2021, we made a groundbreaking move by introducing "curated alternative narratives" to our readers.

This initiative aimed to amplify marginalized voices on critical issues such as COVID-19 and later expanded to include topics like the Ukraine crisis.

By 2023, as the world moved towards a multipolar reality, we shifted our focus to the Global South, a move warmly received by our audience.

Posts in this category consistently rank among our most-read content.

Our readership has surged dramatically, increasing 15-fold from 2019 to 2024.

The demographics have also shifted; no longer comprised mainly of English-speaking expats in Brazil, our audience now includes a diverse global cohort with a keen interest in Brazil, Latin America, and the Global South.

Today, our readership spans the globe. France leads our audience, followed by the United States, Germany, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, and Poland,

collectively accounting for 60% of our monthly traffic. Other significant readership comes from Canada, Russia, and Turkey.

This broad international interest underscores the global relevance of the stories we tell, reflecting the complex interplay of local issues with broader global trends.

By bridging the gap between Latin America and the world, the Rio Times remains dedicated to delivering the region's most pressing stories to a worldwide audience.

Reporters and Editors:
Matthias Camenzind – Publisher and Editor
Rocco Caldero – Production, special reports
Iolanda Fonseca – Production and Special Reports
Riet Tramèr – Proofreading
Lise Alves – Politics and Business, Senior Reporter/Editor
Richard Mann – Business, Arts and Culture, Reporter/Editor
Lachlan Williams – Business, Arts and Culture, Reporter/Editor
Peter Rosenwald – Opinions
Milan Sime Martinic – Brasilia, special reports
Arkady Petrov – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor
Juan Martinez – Mercosur and Latin America, Reporter/Editor
Over 10 Contributing Reporters – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor