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Riachuelo launches Brazilian clothing rental site in partnership with Clorent

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Fashion has sought to incorporate the debate on sustainable consumption. One of the companies that have created initiatives in this sense is Riachuelo.

The Brazilian retailer has launched a clothing rental platform in partnership with Clorent. Entitled ‘Alugue Riachuelo‘, the service is available on the brand’s website and seeks to meet different consumer needs. The proposal is to make three services available: one shot, the single rental of one – or more – pieces, monthly subscriptions, and travel bags.

How about having access to a piece, but without buying it? This form of consumption has had more and more followers in the fashion universe. Now, it is the turn of a Brazilian fast fashion company to adopt this purpose. Alugue Riachuelo offers a clothing rental service in different modalities.

The initiative is a partnership with Clorent, a clothing rental platform created by Ana Teresa Saad and Eduada Ferraz in São Paulo four years ago. The proposal encourages conscious fashion consumption, contemplating several brands, such as premium brands.


Alugue Riachuelo offers three types of services. Those who opt for the subscription can rent, for 30 days, three pieces from Riachuelo each month and have free shipping for all the product’s routes in the greater São Paulo area. In other regions, the return charge is added to the value of the plan.

The one-time rental mode lasts from 4 to 30 days and has a freight charge, depending on the city. Unlike the subscription, there is no limit to the number of pieces.

The travel suitcase is perfect for those who are part of the team that does not like to pack or clutter their luggage. There is a delivery and pick-up fee for the items in this option, which can stay with the customers for up to 15 days. For all modalities, in case of delay, a fee equivalent to the daily rate is charged every 24 hours.


Since this is a service with a high turnover, Riachuelo and Clorent are responsible for taking care of the items. The process goes from the analysis of possible malfunctions and defects to the washing of each item.

It is also possible to renew the rent of the piece, if it is available. In other words, if it is not yet booked for the period, just select the new dates and make the payment for the new reservation.


Riachuelo’s clothes are available on the brand’s e-commerce. The platform, in partnership with Clorent, serves all regions of the country.

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