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Brazil and Uruguay Officials Favor Border Tech Hub

Brazilian officials support a tech hub at the Brazil-Uruguay border known as the “peace frontier.” It has 154,000 residents.

Rivera, in Uruguay, has a science park opening in January 2024.

It will focus on innovation. Leonardo de Freitas, a Brazilian coordinator, said a tech hub is part of Brazil’s future plans.

Freitas says talks about the hub should speed up in Mercosur. Ana Beltrame, Brazil’s consul in Rivera, agrees. She finds the idea unique for both nations.

Brazil’s Deputy Ambassador to Uruguay Paulo Fernandes says now is a good time. He cited recent local agreements, like a new airport, as a good starting point.

Brazil and Uruguay Officials Favor Border Tech Hub. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Brazil and Uruguay Officials Favor Border Tech Hub. (Photo Internet reproduction)

He believes the hub can boost jobs and quality of life.

Supporters highlight the area’s educational resources. Six public schools offer tech courses. Celso Gonçalves, a local director, mentions existing research cooperation.

Rafael Schmidt, a university professor, says the hub can reverse deindustrialization.

Heitor Schuch, a legislator, promises financial and law help. Deputy Pompeo de Mattos plans to discuss the topic at a Mercosur meeting in Montevideo.


Tech hubs are centers for innovation and growth. They draw startups, investors, and skilled workers. Brazil and Uruguay share common economic interests.

This makes their collaboration sensible.

The Brazil-Uruguay border region has been peaceful. This sets a good stage for joint ventures.

Technology parks can act as catalysts for economic change. They can help move the focus from traditional sectors like agriculture.

This idea comes as Brazil aims to be a tech leader in Latin America. Uruguay has also made strides in tech.

It’s known for strong governance and stable economy. Both countries can benefit from shared innovation.

Mercosur, the South American trade bloc, could play a key role. It can help streamline rules and facilitate cross-border cooperation.

A successful tech hub could become a model for other Mercosur countries. It could also signal the bloc’s evolution into high-tech sectors.

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