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Taiwan Calls for Alliance to Counter China’s Naval Threat

Taiwan wants the U.S., Japan, and the Philippines to help monitor China’s navy.

Admiral Huang Shu-kuang warns that losing Taiwan would hurt Japan and South Korea’s trade and security.

He focuses on protecting key water routes to prevent China from surrounding Taiwan. Taiwan plans to test its first home-built submarine soon.

Recently, Taiwan spotted 68 Chinese planes and 10 ships near its land. Some of these were headed for training in the Western Pacific.

Japan also saw six Chinese ships, including the Shandong aircraft carrier, south of Miyakojima Island.

Taiwan Calls for Alliance to Counter China's Naval Threat. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Taiwan Calls for Alliance to Counter China’s Naval Threat. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Taiwan is alert to China’s rising “grey zone” activities, which are meant to pressure without sparking conflict.

Both Taiwan and Japan have seen increased U.S. and Canadian naval activity in the region. The U.S. insists on a free and open Indo-Pacific, which angers China.

China has been doing military exercises that involve surrounding Taiwan. The island calls for global teamwork to maintain stability in the area.


Taiwan sits in a strategic spot between Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. If Taiwan falls, China could control key ocean routes.

This would threaten the trade and security of Japan and South Korea. China has never ruled Taiwan but claims it as its own land.

The U.S. and its allies often sail in nearby waters to support a free Indo-Pacific.

Japan has a long history of tech innovation, while Taiwan is strong in hardware manufacturing.

They could be ideal partners in regional security. The U.S. also has a vested interest. It sells arms to Taiwan and supports its defense needs.

The Philippines, being close to Taiwan, could also play a role.



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