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Opposition Wins Santa Fe Governor’s Race in Argentina

Maximiliano Pullaro won the governor race in Santa Fe, Argentina. He beat his Peronist rival by nearly 30 points.

Pullaro got 58.4% of the votes. Marcelo Lewandoski, from a center-left group, received 30.8%. Edelvio Bodoira of Viva La Libertad got 6.48%.

Carla Deiana of FIT-U won 4.2%. Current Governor Omar Perotti accepted his defeat. In Rosario, Mayor Pablo Javkin kept his role.

He earned 51.7% of the votes against Juan Monteverde’s 48.2%.

Opposition Wins Santa Fe Governor's Race in Argentina. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Opposition Wins Santa Fe Governor’s Race in Argentina. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Santa Fe held its local elections separately from the general ones. Patricia Bullrich praised Pullaro’s win.

Chaco will hold elections this Sunday. Mendoza has its turn on September 24.

For the presidential race, Javier Milei leads the pack. He is ahead of Bullrich and Sergio Massa.

A runoff will happen on November 19 if needed. The rule is 45% of affirmative votes or a 10-point lead.


Santa Fe is Argentina’s third-largest province. This win is a political shift for the region. Pullaro is the first from his party to lead since 1983.

His victory gives him control over both legislative chambers. The election also impacts the national stage.

The presidential election is on October 22. Bullrich and Milei are key players in that race. The outcome in Santa Fe could be a sign of what’s to come.

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