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Nearly Half of Uruguay Approves of Lacalle Pou

Factum’s recent poll reveals that 47% of Uruguayans approve of President Luis Lacalle Pou, who has 535 days remaining in his five-year term.

Meanwhile, 38% don’t like how he’s doing. The president is backed by a coalition of five parties.

This coalition ended 15 years of Front Broad rule.

Mariana Pomiés, from Cifra, says the poll shows favorable views of Lacalle Pou. He began his term in 2020 with a 63% approval rating.

By August 2022, this rating was 48%. The same number showed up in a June 2023 survey.

Nearly Half of Uruguay Approves of Lacalle Pou. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Nearly Half of Uruguay Approves of Lacalle Pou. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Pomiés notes the president started strong and is still viewed well. Cifra’s phone survey involved 1,007 people. It ran from August 17 to 31.

Lacalle Pou is a 50-year-old lawyer. He won the 2019 elections as a National Party candidate.

He started his term on March 1, 2020. His win closed a 15-year chapter of Front Broad leadership.


Luis Lacalle Pou is part of the National Party. This is one of Uruguay’s oldest parties. Before him, the Front Broad, a left-wing group, led Uruguay for 15 years.

His election signaled a political shift. The coalition backing him is diverse, including both center-right and far-right parties.

His term has seen changes in policies. Some people say the changes help the economy grow. Others argue they cut public services too much. Public op

Political experts note that maintaining support is key. With over a year left, he has time to achieve more.

However, challenges lie ahead, including economic issues. The president will also have to keep the coalition united.

Uruguay’s next election will be in 2024, and it’s coming up fast.

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