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Mexico Sees Lowest August Homicide Rate in Six Years

August recorded a 5.08% decline in Mexico’s intentional homicides with 2,483 cases, making it the safest August in six years.

However, the figure rose by a slight 0.77% compared to July. So far this year, there have been 20,076 homicides, or 83 a day.

This average is 6% lower than last year’s daily rate. Remarkably, almost half occurred in just six states.

On another note, federal crimes increased by 0.6% this August compared to last year. There were jumps in tax and firearms-related offenses.

However, other crime types, such as human smuggling and financial crimes, saw significant reductions.

Mexico Sees Lowest August Homicide Rate in Six Years. (Photo Internet reprododuction)
Mexico Sees Lowest August Homicide Rate in Six Years. (Photo Internet reprododuction)

Regarding theft, the count stood at 49,003 in August, down 7.64% from last year.

Year-to-date figures show car, public transport, business, and pedestrian theft reductions. Conversely, thefts against transport operators saw a 9.7% increase.

Regarding gender-related killings or feminicides, 67 cases were recorded in August. This was fewer than the 72 in July and the 74 last August.

In summary, although some crimes saw reductions, others increased slightly. Yet, the overall downward trend in homicides is encouraging.

This complex landscape shows there’s still much to be done. Attention to various crime indicators is crucial for fully understanding the situation.

This latest data informs the broader focus on public safety, a key priority for the Mexican government.


Analyzing this data, it becomes clear that reducing homicides is a positive step for Mexico.

However, this single metric shouldn’t eclipse the rise in certain federal crimes. Notably, the increases in tax and firearms offenses could signal a diversification of criminal activities.

Also, while most thefts have decreased, theft against transport operators has increased. This may indicate new focal points for criminal behavior.

Moreover, the concentration of homicides in six states could point to regional crime hotspots. Tackling this localized issue will require targeted policy measures.

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