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China’s Clean-Energy Vehicle Exports Surge in 2023

In the first eight months of 2023, China saw a 110% surge in new energy vehicle exports, totaling 727,000 units, according to the Chinese Car Manufacturers Association (CAAM).

Pure electric cars saw a 120% increase, with 665,000 units sold abroad. Exports of plug-in hybrids went up 73.5%, totaling 62,000 units.

From January to August, China shipped out 2.94 million vehicles in total. This marks a 61.9% rise from last year.

Passenger car exports increased 69.8%, while commercial vehicle exports went up 31.1%.

China's Clean-Energy Vehicle Exports Surge in 2023. (Photo Internet reproduction)
China’s Clean-Energy Vehicle Exports Surge in 2023. (Photo Internet reproduction)

China’s automotive industry has been growing rapidly over the past decade. This growth mirrors the country’s overall economic expansion.

China has become a leading player in the global car market. The country first focused on internal combustion engine vehicles.

Later, they shifted emphasis to electric and hybrid cars.

Government policies have supported this change. Subsidies and tax breaks encouraged both manufacturers and buyers to go green.


The country also set strict emission rules, forcing a faster shift to electric vehicles.

Not just local brands, but also international names assemble cars in China now. This brings in both expertise and competition.

Joint ventures with foreign automakers have been common. These partnerships help China learn from global leaders in the industry.

NEVs have not only found a market in China but also abroad. Export numbers show this clearly.

Various countries import these Chinese-made electric cars and hybrids. Chinese NEVs are usually more affordable than their Western counterparts.

This has made them popular in both developing and developed markets.

The Belt and Road Initiative has also helped Chinese vehicles find markets. This global development strategy opened new trade routes.

It enhanced export opportunities for Chinese automakers.

Chinese cars have a reputation for being cost-effective. However, there were initial concerns about quality.

Over the years, quality has improved significantly. Now, Chinese NEVs often include high-tech features and better safety measures.


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