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Brazil’s Serie B Showdown – Teams to Watch as the Finale Nears

As Brazil’s Serie B soccer nears its conclusion, we delve deeper into the performances of the competing teams.

Among those vying for a top-four finish, Vitória leads the pack. Remarkably, they’ve been in the top four for 26 rounds and held the top spot for 16 of them.

Their lowest ranking was fifth, and that happened only twice. In contrast, Criciúma and Vila Nova briefly touched fourth place but slipped back.

Specifically, Criciúma moved to fifth after Novorizontino’s win, and Vila Nova has been absent from the top four for the last four rounds.

Sport has consistently maintained a top-four spot for 17 rounds, most frequently in second place.

Guarani, currently in second, has spent a scattered seven rounds in the top four.

Brazil's Serie B Showdown - Teams to Watch as the Finale Nears. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Brazil’s Serie B Showdown – Teams to Watch as the Finale Nears. (Photo Internet reproduction)

They’ve been in various positions: twice as leader, twice in second, once in third, and twice in fourth.

Turning to the relegation battle, ABC paints a bleak picture. With a staggering 99.9% risk of relegation, they’ve spent all but one round in the bottom four.

Their worst rank has been the last position, which they’ve occupied since the third round. Tombense, currently 18th, has been in the relegation zone for 19 rounds.

Similarly, Londrina joined the bottom four in the 14th round and hasn’t left since, accumulating 15 rounds.

Chapecoense and Avaí are also regulars in the lower rungs.

While Chapecoense, now in 17th place, has been in the bottom four for 13 rounds, Avaí escaped four rounds ago and currently sits at 16th.

In summary, the concluding rounds promise high stakes for all teams involved. While Vitória and Sport appear secure, Criciúma and Vila Nova need to step up.

At the bottom, ABC looks almost certain for relegation, but Tombense and Londrina still have a fighting chance to climb up.


In light of these stats, a few observations stand out. Firstly, Vitória’s strong performance this season is not by chance.

They’ve been in the spotlight, displaying exceptional skill and strategy. On the flip side, Sport’s consistent showing could give them an edge in the end.

Second place isn’t just luck but a sign of resilience and talent.

Additionally, Guarani’s fluctuating rankings tell a story. Their inconsistent placement suggests they might be a wild card in the competition.

A single game could drastically change their fate, making their remaining matches critical. Criciúma and Vila Nova’s brief stints in the top four indicate potential.

However, consistency is key, and they need to maintain their form to secure a spot.

When we turn our attention to the relegation zone, ABC’s grim outlook is hard to ignore. They’ve become a cautionary tale for what lack of form and focus can lead to.

Tombense and Londrina, while also in a precarious position, still have a narrow window of opportunity.

A good run in the final games could save them from dropping down a division.

Lastly, the struggle of Chapecoense and Avaí deserves mention. These teams have a history of bouncing between divisions.

Their current positions indicate that they need to reassess their strategies urgently. As the league moves towards its finale, the stakes couldn’t be higher for all involved.

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