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Country’s fixed Internet improves, but Brazil is still only world’s 49th in speed

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Brazil ranked 49th in the world for fixed broadband speed and 74th for mobile Internet speed in April, according to a report by Ookla, the company responsible for popular mobile Internet Speedtest. However, the result is better than in April last year, when the country ranked 56th in fixed internet.

The report analyzes fixed and mobile internet performance at the state level, provider report cards, the fastest providers, as well as data from the most populated cities in Brazil.

Despite improvement, Brazil ranks 49th in the world in terms of internet speed. (Photo internet reproduction)

With respect to Latin America, Brazil has the second highest fixed broadband speed, second only to Chile.

The country recorded download speeds of 50.64 Mbps and 26.37 Mbps for upload, while Chile reached 93.92 Mbps and 30.72 Mbps, respectively. Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, in that order, round out the top five.

Mobile Internet

As for mobile internet, Brazil ranked third in Latin America.

Check the ranking:

Mexico – 23.08 Mbps download and 9.98 Mbps upload
Argentina – 20.76 Mbps download and 6.94 Mbps upload
Brazil – 19.14 Mbps download and 7.17 Mbps upload
Colombia – 11.04 Mbps download and 6.99 Mbps upload
Chile – 10.60 Mbps download and 8.44 Mbps upload

Claro is the fastest in mobile internet

The survey also assessed the operators with the fastest mobile internet in Brazil. Claro had the fastest average mobile download and upload speeds among the major providers analyzed, as follows:

Claro – 27.54 Mbps download and 8.77 Mbps upload
Vivo – 19.53 Mbps download and 6.80 Mbps upload
TIM – 14.88 Mbps download and 6.55 Mbps upload
Oi – 10.93 Mbps download and 4.90 Mbps upload

“We expect Brazil’s mobile speeds to continue to accelerate as 5G technology becomes more affordable and network providers invest in more 5G deployments, says the Speedtest Global Index report.

Vivo leads fixed broadband

In the fixed broadband speed comparison, Vivo came first, reaching an average mobile speed of 68.25 Mbps for download and 52.72 Mbps for upload.

Claro was second, with 60.54 Mbps download and 10.72 Mbps upload, while Oi was third, with 55.13 Mbps download and 43.43 Mbps upload.

Survey by cities and states

The report also listed cities and states with the highest speed in fixed and mobile broadband internet in Brazil.

São Paulo registered the fastest average mobile download speed of the five most populated cities in Brazil, with 22.81 Mbps during the first quarter 2021.

The city of Rio de Janeiro came in second with 21.91 Mbps, Brasilia in third (21.08 Mbps), Fortaleza in fourth (18.77 Mbps) and Salvador in fifth (17.59 Mbps).

In terms of fixed broadband, Brasilia leads the ranking, reaching 75.72 Mbps (21.06 Mbps upload) during the first quarter 2021. São Paulo is in second place with 60.41 Mbps, Fortaleza in third (56.83 Mbps), Rio de Janeiro in fourth (51.09 Mbps) and Salvador in fifth (45.85 Mbps).

Among states, Rio Grande do Sul had the fastest average mobile download speed during the first quarter 2021, with 23.31 Mbps. Rio de Janeiro registered the second highest average, with 21.10 Mbps, followed by the Federal District (21.08 Mbps), São Paulo (21.00 Mbps), and Paraná (20.64). Mbps).

Source: UOL

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