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By Raúl Tortolero* (Opinion) Too many people in the United States are upset about the economic disaster that the country is going through, with an inflation rate of about 8.2%, expensive gasoline and diesel (especially in the woke cradle California),...
On Friday, Chile's civil registry office issued the first identity card to a "non-binary" person after the Court of Appeals ruled in her favor. "It's not a victory for me; it's a collective victory," said Shane Cienfuegos, the first person...
What Orban has done is draw attention to that which practically no Western leader or their perception management proxies dares to talk about, which is the undeclared ideological civil war that’s raging within their civilization between liberal-globalist members of...
Norwegian prosecutors are investigating "hateful" tweets by feminist Christina Ellingsen directed at a man claiming to be a lesbian woman. If convicted, Ellingsen faces up to three years in prison. "You are a man. You can't be a mother," feminist...
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - At the moment, the world - at least all those who can appreciate the concept of true freedom of expression - is hoping that Elon Musk will make good on his promises and rid...



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