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Martín Guzmán, the former Minister of Economy, blamed the Vice-President for opposing his program and a rational position with the Monetary Fund. He also targeted Máximo Kirchner and described him as a "capricious boy". For the first time since his sudden...
Argentine police on Wednesday (14) arrested the fourth person suspected of involvement in the shooting of the country's vice president, Cristina Kirchner. The information comes from the newspaper Clarín. The Argentine outlet reported that Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo led a group of...
Vice President Cristina Kirchner received another death threat this Monday through a call to the 911 emergency telephone line, as confirmed by the federal judge investigating the attack against the former president. Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti ordered a reinforcement in...
Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti is considering the hypothesis of a planned attack on the Argentine vice-president, Cristina Fernández Kirchner, after taking a statement from the material author of the attempt, Fernando Sabag Montiel, and his girlfriend, Brenda Uliarte, arrested...
On Tuesday, September 6, the Argentine Justice said to have found photos that prove that the attack against Vice President Cristina Kirchner was premeditated. The information is from the Clarín newspaper. In the images found in the chip and memory...
An Argentine prosecutor last month sentenced Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the country's vice president, to 12 years in prison for her alleged involvement in awarding public contracts to a friend that cost taxpayers US$1 billion. Kirchner, who denies all charges...
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former president and current vice-president of the country, has been placed in the dock by the local justice system. The prosecutor's request for 12 years imprisonment for corruption in public works during her government weighs on...
On Monday, August 22, the prosecution is preparing to request a prison sentence against Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner for alleged corruption when she was president (2007-2015), a punishment that, if confirmed, could disqualify her politically. Prosecutor Sergio Mola opened...
On Monday, August 1, the Prosecutor's Office said that the former president and current vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández Kirchner (2007-2015), and her late husband, the former president Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007), created "one of the most extraordinary matrices...



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