Brazil’s Bolsonaro speaks to ambassadors, reaping outrage, contempt and outcry

The Supreme Court STF, the Superior Electoral Tribunal TSE, Justices Edson Fachin, Luis Barroso and Alexandre de Moraes come off pretty badly.

unconventional, Brazil’s Bolsonaro speaks to ambassadors, reaping outrage, contempt and  outcry

Elections are coming up in Brazil, and the two camps on the right and left are clashing.

The unconventional, sitting conservative president Jair Bolsonaro has invited ambassadors and talked to them directly about the problem of electronic voting in Brazil. Exciting information came to light in the process, which we do not want to withhold from you. Watch Bolsonaro’s speech with English subtitles.

To summarize, the Supreme Court STF, the Superior Electoral Tribunal TSE, Justices Edson Fachin, Luis Barroso, and Alexandre de Moraes come off pretty badly.

The reaction of the predominantly left-leaning establishment to this rather unusual action is so explosive that it gives the impression that the president has hit the mark with his action.

Politicians and establishment media are outdoing each other with superlatives. There is talk of treason, crime, banana republic and banana president, lies, coup d’état, conspiracy, and much more. All of it directed against the president. Bolsonaro dishonors Brazil, they say.

Regional prosecutors from 26 states and the Federal District also submitted a request Tuesday to Prosecutor General Augusto Aras to investigate the president.

Further reactions and countermeasures are expected soon. The hive is in turmoil.

Here is a summary of the main statements made by Jair Bolsonaro:

  • For eight months, hackers could penetrate the Brazilian Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) data completely undisturbed and do as they pleased.
  • To top it off, these hackers then announced that fraud occurred in the 2018 Brazilian election.
  • The hackers had access to all TSE files, including the passwords of TSE ministers and other authorities.
  • The hackers were able to change the names of candidates and transfer votes from one candidate to another, according to a TSE document and the conclusions of the Federal Police.
  • So, they would have been able to change the result of the 2018 election.
  • Then, when the Federal Police requested the relevant data logs of this breach, the TSE did not provide them for months.
  • When after seven months (!) the logs were supposed to be delivered, the TSE announced that all logs had been deleted.
  • The investigation of this hack is still not finished, although, in three months, there will be elections again.
  • According to federal police, the hackers could copy the entire TSE database.
  • Bolsonaro is explicitly warning now, three months before the elections, so that things can be put in order.
  • When Bolsonaro learned of the data breach last year, he shared the information, only to be accused by Justice Moraes of leaking classified information.
  • As a result, Moraes opened an investigation against Bolsonaro.
  • However, later it became clear that this information was not classified.
  • The Federal Police confirmed that the information was not classified.
  • The federal police concluded that TSE was completely uncooperative in submitting the hacking protocols promptly.
  • Only just two countries use the Brazilian electronic voting system. Other countries do not use it because it is not verifiable.
  • Already in the 2014 elections (!!), there were serious doubts about who won the elections. The federal police even recommended introducing purely electronic ballot boxes with printers.
  • Since then, the Brazilian Parliament has approved the use of printed ballots four times.
  • But the Supreme Court declared this measure of printed ballot unconstitutional.
  • Justice Fachin was responsible for making presidential candidate Lula da Silva eligible for President again after having been convicted and imprisoned.
  • Justice Barroso, in turn, had been appointed to the Supreme Court because he helped the leftist PT (Lula da Silva’s Workers Party) government keep terrorist Cesar Battisti in Brazil. Battisti was granted refugee status so he could gain a foothold in Brazil.

Now that the embassies, and thus the world, know in detail what is going on in the Supreme judiciary in Brazil, it may be assumed that the rift between the Brazilian establishment and Jair Bolsonaro has become insurmountable.

The October elections are expected to be a brutal campaign, with more dishes breaking than ever before.