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Will Russia become the first post-globalist civilization state?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – We are currently witnessing history in the making. The U.S. and the EU are pursuing a strategy of unprecedented sanctions and isolation against Russia to bring Russia to its knees through political and economic coercion.

There are three fronts in the Ukraine battlefields:

  • The military front
  • The money front
  • The media front

Apart from the fact that this proud giant nation has never allowed anything to be imposed on it in the past, the West could become the involuntary midwife of the world’s first civilization state with its actions.

Are we witnessing the rise of a whole new Russia and, by extension, the rise of a new world?

Is cornered Russia becoming the first post-globalist civilization as an alternative to the neoliberal world order in which we live? Will it become the first ‘civilization state’?

What is a civilization state?

– A civilization state is a political and economic system organized around a comprehensive culture, often encompassing a large geographical area. (Think Roman Empire)

– The primary goal of politics and economics in a civilization state is to protect and defend the culture of the population. The culture of the people comes first

– The civilization state is thus the inversion of neoliberal globalism

Anyone who believes that a country of this size can simply be 'canceled' has certainly lost touch with reality. (Photo internet reproduction)
Anyone who believes that a country of this size can be ‘canceled’ has undoubtedly lost touch with reality. (Photo internet reproduction)

Neoliberalism  is not driven by notions as culture, civilization, religion, or ethnicity. Instead, the neoliberal order is a global system (rather than a civilization), called a rules-based order, which includes checks and balances in government, corporate-based capitalism, and the notion of human rights.

Watch Steve Turley’s video if you want to know more about this subject and get an idea of the direction the world could take as an alternative to the New World Order, which has become the dominant force in the West.

Access Dr. Steve Turley’s work here.

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